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Planning  for local to national brand success starts brick by brick, getting the basics right first. The right pricing, packaging and promotion with the right product formulation. An organized and productive sales team. And a rollout plan that makes economic sense.


We develop a strategy to define your market,  your sales goals and priorities. We recommend the best allocation of  human resources and financial resources. We guide the development of a sound consumer marketing plan.


  • Brand positioning and pricing strategy

  • Analysis and selection of distribution  model

  • Regional / National territory management

  • Establishment /Management of  distributor network

  • Establishment / Management of broker network

  • Corporate chain calls

  • Sales team building and productivity


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KickStart Florida

A true DSD service for SAS managed brands.

This service is designed to Kickstart a Florida launch, accelerating the transition to a broadline or DSD distributor network.

The SAS KICKSTART FLORIDA program provides the following:

  • Warehouses in Tampa, Orlando, and Boca Raton.

  • SAS Area Managers open accounts- deliver product, add POS (point of sale) and merchandise.

  • 20-person team provides coverage to key markets.

  • Documentation of all sales calls and deliveries on REPSLY.

  • Inventory control, monthly recaps and payment processing of all sales.

  • Demo teams available for IO contract work

Distribution/Key Accounts

  • Determine the most efficient and viable distribution model

  • Build national/regional/local distribution networks to cover all classes of trade

  • Oversee the network to achieve "share of mind" and maximum sales

  • Develop and manage broker networks where appropriate

  • Develop and call on a target list of retail accounts based on

    • Priority markets

    • Product fit

    • Timing for review and authorizations

    • Distribution options

    • Cost to do business (slotting and required margins)


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Currently Servicing Publix, Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, CVS, Winn Dixie, The Fresh Market, SPROUTS, Healthy Edge, Sedano's and all UNFI/KEHE accounts

  • Complete store audits

  • Confirm product (all SKU’s) are on the shelf. Confirm correct placement/ price / tags

  • Merchandise / re-stock shelves.  Review backroom inventory.

  • Communicate and execute retail sales promotions.

  • Execute in-store coupon programs.

  • Secure 2nd locations / displays at store level where possible.

  • Communicate re-orders / notes with the distributor.

  • Audit competitor placement/pricing/ promotions as requested.

Our team of merchandisers document all store visits on REPSLY.  All sales activities available for your viewing in real time.


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