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SAS Sales and Marketing introduces KICKSTART FLORIDA

SAS Sales and Marketing is introducing KICKSTART FLORIDA, a limited retail delivery service for SAS managed brands. This service is designed to Kickstart a Florida launch, accelerating the transition to a broadline or DSD distributor.

SAS supports brands from their earliest point, helping to develop initial pricing, packaging, production and a comprehensive go-to-market strategy throughout the US but with a focus on the eastern seaboard.

Most emerging beverage brands desire early Florida distribution given the state’s demographics, year-round warm weather and high thirst quotient. However, most start-up brands face the challenge of being too small and unproven to be taken on by the big distributors. KICKSTART FLORIDA seeks to solve that problem.

The SAS KICKSTART FLORIDA program provides the following in the important South Florida and Tampa markets:

  • Warehouses in both locations.

  • A sales team to make initial calls and gain authorizations.

  • Driver sales reps to deliver product, add POS (point of sale), collect payment.

  • Documentation on REPSLY.

  • Inventory control, monthly recaps and invoice processing of product shipped to KICKSTART locations.

“Florida is a tough market to penetrate since there are so few good DSD (direct store delivery) options,” said Andy Stallone beverage industry veteran and CEO of SAS Sales and Marketing. “We are going to self-distribute to accounts we open until we can transition to a larger distributor.”

For information, contact Andy Stallone at 561-350-6397 or

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